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  2. Hello, sorry for my delay. I'm pretty busy in my job right now. I switched the noise suppression off but I played a bit with other values - especially with the gain. But when I pull the gain down Mumble amplifies and when I pull the gain up Mumble reduces the output. The result is an unusable input signal on the transceiver's input. It's either too loud and the transceiver throttles it or so quiet that it should be amplified but there's no way to. I'm still looking for a way to set fix audio levels without AGC 'n stuff like that. Best regards Manuel
  3. I think there is no way to cut down the size of the help window that is used on Windows but you could have a look at the source code as there the help message is contained as a plain String. Not a pretty solution but I would say that as a workaround it does the job: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/fa80b18a481b8c58e7e5c3a39c813cce1da1d70c/src/mumble/main.cpp#L227-L314
  4. I am not aware of only displaying the configuration window of Mumble and I also don't see a straight forward way to do it... Maybe if you could outline your general idea a bit more there might be an alternative approach though
  5. Hello, I am running Windows and have the latest version of Mumble from Github built on my machine. I am trying to use Mumble in a game I am developing and would like users to only view the Mumble Configuration window and not other windows. I was wondering if it is possible to spawn the Mumble Configuration menu from the command line (such as with rpc), or make an overlay that accomplishes the same thing, or if anyone has any other suggestions on the easiest/best way to accomplish this. Thanks!
  6. When I run "mumble /?" it spawns a help menu. However, I am unable to resize it or scroll through it, and it is very long so I cannot view it all. I have been looking at the full options on one of the Github pages, but is there an easier way to properly view the help menu?
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  8. The best place to start is on our wiki under the Server section: https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Main_Page The ACL and Groups section will be pertinent to securing or hardening your server, if required. When I set up a server for the first time, there was a guide I followed that is a similar tutorial to this one since I didn't want people who came in to have the ability to talk in a "landing" room: https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/ACL_Tutorial/English Hopefully these resources will help. 🙂
  9. I've just set up murmur as a mumble server for my Minecraft Server. The guides to set it up were fine, there's lots out there, but I don't yet understand how I should administrate this. Is there some sort of guide/documentation for basic best practices? This is a simple setup for a minecraft server with ~10 players, and right now I'm the only admin. I am not requiring a password or anything, and anyone can register, because this is basically so obscure I'm not super worried. I also only have a self-signed SSL cert right now, and due to the way the hosting is setup, the port block I am lim
  10. Yes I think we don't have an official Raspbian PPA. The ARM build available in the repositories was probably be built by one of the repo maintainers. I guess you should try to contact them... Another option would be to compile Mumble yourself. Given that there is a package in the repo for it, I assume chances are good that the dependencies needed for that are in the repo as well. You can find the build instructions at https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/master/docs/dev/build-instructions/README.md
  11. Hello, I've noticed that my mumble server on my Raspberry Pi2b which runs Raspbian Buster(headless server), is using version 1.3.0 of the murmur software. Which was released in september 2019. The program runs flawlessly (Thanks! :) ), but i'm a bit concerned about the missing security fixes of the newer builds. So i tried to update the program. I have installed mumble server via 'apt' from the supplied Raspbian repository. But the problem is, i cannot upgrade it to version 1.3.4. Version 1.3.0 is the latest the repository provides. I cannot find a (release) PPA th
  12. i have got it to update on ubuntu 18.04 using following steps. check for leatest LTS version on: https://launchpad.net/~mumble/+archive/ubuntu/release?field.series_filter= open a terminal sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mumble/release sudo apt-get update sudo apt list mumble now there should be on in the results with latest version sudo apt install mumble it will install over your actual installation keeping your bookmarks and settings
  13. Thank You! Can't believe I missed that setting.
  14. And you send this through the Mumble client? Doesn't this sound more like noise suppression taking effect rather than gain control? It notices a constant noise and suppresses that.
  15. So by enable you mean the ingame Overlay? First and foremost, does it work in other games? Did you verify it is not an issue with enabling it, and white or blacklist? To verify, if you use blacklist it should show anywhere it technically could. The overlay injects into the rendering pipeline; namely Direct3D or OpenGL. More info on our docs page. So first, it depends on what World of Tanks uses. Do you know or can check what it uses? Some games also seem to use non-expected states or orders of rendering pipeline setup and execution or similar - I was never able to go for an anal
  16. Hello, I'm desperately trying to figure out how to activate mumble on the World of Tanks game. I activated the option, launched mumble with administrator rights. (I have the latest version of mumble) But that doesn't change anything, the overlay doesn't work. How to solve this problem ?? please help me
  17. You can re-run the audio wizard from Mumble's dropdown menu.
  18. Hello when the wizard come out i clicked cancel and now my friends can”t hear me anyone know how to solve this ?
  19. There is a setting called "Always on top" right inside Mumble. It's under Settings > User interface (I think). If you are only looking for a way to always see who's currently speaking, you could also use the new TalkingUI, provided you are using one of the 1.4.x snapshot releases.
  20. Hi! We're using mumble with a browser game and I can't seem to figure out how to get the client to stay on top, none of the apps like "always on top" or "deskpins" seem to work with it. Anyone have a solution to this issue?
  21. Excellent question! I would like to know this one as well.
  22. Hello I've installed mumble server on my Raspberry and mumble Client in my Win10 computer to use it as a audio server for my Amateur Radio station.... The connection works well! Now my question: Is it possible to turn AGG off? If yes, where? I wanna transfer a digital signal which is generated by my Win 10 Computer sent via the Raspberry to the Transceiver but within the first 5....6 seconds it becomes quiter and quiter till the signal becomes unusable quiet.... Best regards Manuel
  23. As far as I know this is indeed unsupported. The CLI for the server is essentially non-existent at this point. You would have the possibility to edit the underlying database directly, but in order to do so, you'd have to know the DB structure and it seems likely that this could then corrupt the entire server, so I advise against it. Thus at this point there isn't really an alternative to using an admin tool or using the Mumble client to add these users (while they are connected)...
  24. Hello. I've been tasked with adding an admin user to multiple instances of murmurd 1.4. Is there a way to do this from the command line, without having to install a full-fledged admin web server and messing with ICE or dBus? All I need to do is add 1 user to 3 instances. Thanks.
  25. I'll give this a try and get back to you.
  26. Ah okay ^^ Just to try, you could also check out the latest development snapshot from https://www.mumble.info/downloads/#development-snapshots. Note that you have to uninstall the current 1.3.x installation before though
  27. Sorry I meant mumble my bad. Yes, I am using version 1.3.4.
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