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  2. Krzmbrzl was right, the action was being triggered too early (thanks for your help!). For anyone else interested, I ended up using an rpc command, and did something like this in SocketRPC.cpp: OpenConfigEvent *oce = new OpenConfigEvent(); qApp->postEvent(Global::get().mw, oce); I essentially just followed how the OpenURLEvent was set up/used and made my own custom OpenConfigEvent.
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  4. You'll have to implement that yourself or (probably easier) use a library in your plugin that provides you with this functionality. It will end up being exactly as easy/hard to do as in a regular C/C++ program.
  5. It is something different. The plugin API allows for plugins running on different clients but that are connected to the same server to send messages to each other. And messages sent this way are then received via the onReceiveData function on the receiving end. The traffic goes through the regular Mumble connection though and not through any external ports or sockets.
  6. LilyC

    Using MumbleLink

    I was trying to get my program to talk to the plugin using sockets. I am curious how onReceiveData() in MumblePlugin.h is meant to work- is it a listener on the address and port a user is connected to on Mumble, or something entirely different? What triggers it? If this is not the way to go for socket connections, is there a different easy way to use sockets with the plugin?
  7. Thank you Kissaki! I did have a channel patron show me that feature when I posted this thread and it worked as well. but the original skin was easier for users. thanks for the reply. cheers
  8. Yes that seems to be the case
  9. Haha okay So in that case, would putting mumble.ini in the same directory be the same as what one would accomplish using the --config argument?
  10. Well then I guess there is some logic implemented to pick that up first I guess xD It's expected to be an ini file (just checked the code to be sure)
  11. Oh. I was able to load a specific Mumble configuration by putting mumble.ini next to mumble.exe. When using the --config argument, is it an ini file that is supposed to be passed, or a different file format?
  12. Yes. By default Mumble does look for the ini only in specific folders and I think the current directory is not in that list...
  13. Is putting Mumble.ini next to Mumble.exe functionally different from using the `--config` option when running Mumble?
  14. can you still send me a copy if possible for use on my local ham repeater. I have rpi3 sorry i don't understand programming language...thank you.
  15. Without looking into the details I'd assume that you are triggering the action too early. Instead setting a flag might be better that when set causes the window to show at a later point. However I think an RPC command is not the way to go since these are intended to remote control an already running instance of Mumble. Instead you should add this as a command line option
  16. I've decided to try making an rpc command for launching the Mumble Configuration window. I ended up adding this code on line 171 of SocketRPC.cpp: iter = qmRequest.find(QLatin1String("stoptalking")); if (iter != qmRequest.constEnd()) { Global::get().mw->on_PushToTalk_triggered(false, QVariant()); } // added code --v iter = qmRequest.find(QLatin1String("settings")); if (iter != qmRequest.constEnd()) { Global::get().mw->qaConfigDialog->trigger(); } // added code --^ ack = true; This successfully launches the Mumble Configuration window when a user types "mumble rpc settings". However, when the settings are applied, they do not remain, and when the Configuration window is closed, the main window UI turns blank and then crashes. I am wondering if you could help me figure out what I am doing wrong, or tell me if there is a better work flow for this?
  17. You can bind shortcuts, including the PTT key, in the shortcuts section of the settings dialog (too). The audio wizard allows binding it too AFAIR.
  18. After further review and a re-install with certificate importing it would appear build 1.3.4 does NOT have a push to talk assignment field. Please correct and install this feature on the next build as I need crtl key! Thanks development team...
  19. After reinstalling mumble I noticed that there is not the option to assign a push to talk key! Is this an isolated incident as I rushed through the setup rather quickly but was familiar with the interface by this time. The talk square is clickable that mumble provides, however either 1.3.4 no longer has the field for key assignment or is there something more going on here. any help would be appreciated. cheers o/
  20. Issue resolved, the admin bin'ed the old certificate and all is back as it should be. I think the certificate is a bit over the top for security maybe an alternative method of verification could be devised in the future. Also I lost the option to choose my push to talk button besides the native square 😞 I prefer the crtl key 😞
  21. hoi o/ Krzmbrzl I figured it would be something like that, so simple too. I run ADM from my NAS and only familiar with some perl and ruby from older times. I appreciate the fallow up. cheers
  22. If the server only accepts users with a known certificate, then you will not be able to connect until an admin adds your new cert to the whitelist. However I assume that in your case you have been registered on that server with your old cert and are now connecting with your new one using the same username. That won't work. You'll have to pick a different (unregistered) name in order to connect. If you want your old name back, you'll have to ask the admin to delete the registration for that name for you.
  23. I used an image on my system and lost my certificate and noticed we are suppose to save them oh well. I made a new one, but I cant enter a saved server I know and used to log in. Im on with my android but is there a way to get back from pc. thanks in advance
  24. Hi thanks for rep, just I want dal the iOS version Mumble ,the Microphone is NOT WORKING.
  25. I basically understood 0% of what you wrote. You'll have to draft proper sentences and at least partly adhere to correct spelling if you want others to understand you. From the location of this thread (in the iOS category) and from the bits I think I interpreted correctly from your message it seems that you are having issues with the Mumble iOS app. If that is the case I can only tell you that that app is currently completely unsupported since quite a while (a few years). Also none of the developers of that app is still part of the team and therefore we unfortunately won't be able to help you with it.
  26. Why All mobile. Version the Mjmblr Mic is non working .just disable by app? (phone setting is current.)
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