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  1. Yea sorry, I made it really confusing. So you would know anything on how to fix?
  2. Wait so what is my solution? Basically Mumble crashes TF2 if open before launch. Is the GLLaunch the fix?
  3. Yes, if I have Minecraft open w/ mumble, I get overlay. It seems to be TF2
  4. I would very much like to use Mumble Overlay in TF2, but if I have mumble open when I launch TF2, TF2 crashes within 10 sec. Knowing that you need to have mumble open before you launch TF2 to use the Overlay, it contradicts itself and wont let me use it, because TF2 crashes if Mumble is already open. What I am forced to do is launch TF2, and when thats done, I then launch Mumble. But, as you see, Overlay will not work. I am using Mac OS X Version 10.7.5. Any help?
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