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  1. Hi, in order to have other folks outside your network speak to Murmur, you'll have to port forward whatever port it's running on, over both TCP and UDP. My experience has been with folks running servers from home that it's generally a recipe to hate life. Some consumer routers aren't good enough to throw multiple streams of tiny UDP packets around, your ISP may hate it too, and Mumble doesn't deal with NAT super gracefully in my limited experience. I'd wholeheartedly recommend either renting a server, renting a small VPS to run it from, or using one of the many public ones. Feel free to
  2. As far as I'm aware, there's no way to do this with stock Mumble. This seems like something that could be written using the "Authenticator" stuff, via Ice though. The only other option that may be interesting to you is the "Priority Speaker" feature, which you can assign to a given person and others are - by default, it's client-side configurable - attenuated while that person is transmitting.
  3. What IP did you set static? Is it an internal (RFC1918) address? 192.168.*, 172.16.*, or 10.*? If so, that has no bearing on what external users (ie the server list) use... it could be that your WAN IP is changing, which you'll have to talk to your ISP about fixing. In my experience, Murmur behind NAT/portforwarding is a recipe for hating life at the best of times, but I suspect that's what's going on here.
  4. Yeah, there's no SQLi attack here - MySQL is just failing to marshal the UTF-8 string (in case you're wondering, it's a stack of pancakes) into the table. Murmur 1.2.19 on sqlite handles that username just fine (though for some reason even with a completely permissive channel name, it doesn't like creating a channel out of pancackes - it doesn't crash, it just refuses to create the channel). Murmur should be using UTF-8 internally, so likely your MySQL tables (at least the log, but presumably the rest also) are set up to something different. Checking the table character set is fairly easy i
  5. Ice can definitely create and delete channels on the fly, including linking them to each other if that's something that you're interested in. I had mucked about with a script where my intention was to have it read identity information from a game's plugin, and thus put folks in the same squad automatically in the same channel, but linking channels (and adjusting ACLs) so that users in the same vehicle could also speak with each other, regardless of which squad they were in. I never ended up getting it anywhere near working, but I never ran into an issue where I felt like it couldn't work.... I
  6. Is the Murmur software running? You can specify another port in Murmur by changing it - if it was never set via Ice, I think changing it via the .ini will work, but if it was ever set by Ice you'll need to use Ice to change it again. The server will log if for some reason it was unable to bind to the IP address (did you try simply restarting Murmur?).
  7. https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Murmur.ini#usersperchannel The usersperchannel setting should do what you want.
  8. Thanks for your patience, I don't think I'd have waited 10 minutes unless I walked away to do something else. :( Can you check %appdata%\Mumble\console.log, and possibly upload it? If you install one of the latest snapshot versions, does it still do it? If so, can you paste the console log of that one (I think the snapshots are more verbose than the releases)? Have you used Mumble on this machine before? Are there likely to be private keys, server passwords, favourites, or anything like that in the configuration or is this a brand new install? If it's a brand new install, while the p
  9. Is this a brand new install, or did you upgrade from a previous version of Mumble? Is there a task icon in the task bar, or just nothing? If you have an IRC client you might get more interactive assistance on IRC: irc://irc.freenode.org/mumble
  10. The process for embedding the images is rather complicated - Murmur has no way to host images itself, and the UI which will handle converting the images to data blobs for you never exposes the result so you can copy+paste it into the MOTD (which is what I assume you're doing by "sidebar"?). You might be able to use a tool like this to generate the blob: http://base64.wutils.com/encoding-online/image-to-base64/ Then simply paste the entire blob (the whole bit into the MOTD. Note that you may run afoul of message length limits, the client will maintain its own limit also so you'll want to
  11. Hi Flexo, This functionality was removed from all future builds for privacy reasons - all images must be data: blobs now: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/commit/119bb5c465f1f4fdff07001ec07b44892a80a755 Basically, Mumble downloading any remote image it finds was a privacy concern - trolls could get the IP addresses of any user connected, and selectively allowing certain (privileged) images would have required a ton of work. I'm not sure if there's a feature request to bring back this functionality or not, if there isn't one already feel free to file one so some discussion can start,
  12. Hi, What version of Mumble are you on? Anything else unique about your installation?
  13. fwaggle

    delay voice

    Not as far as I'm aware. :(
  14. You can link the channels, so the audio is plumbed to multiple channels at once, and then control that behaviour using ACL rules, which results in a rather complicated system (the canonical example is a tree where squad leaders can talk to each other and their squad, but members in the squad can only hear each other and their commander). You can also whisper/"shout" to channels you're not in. As far as the UI is concerned though, you're only ever in one channel at a time.
  15. Ahh, then speak to an admin about having your account deleted, or a password set on it (if they can do that). If there's a password set on your account, and you set your username properly, when you enter it your certificate will be updated to the new one and you'll not need the password again. But the "server connection rejected. Invalid username." message isn't certificate related (other than the fact that your certificate was missing which would have filled in the username for you).
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