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  1. Same issue for me...can't figure it out... I just submitted an Issue on the GitHub
  2. If you download the latest snapshot, it has that capability. In the shortcuts you can select "Cycle Transmit Mode"
  3. Sorry to hijack but I was under the impression that you needed to run Mumble in admin mode in order for the overlay to work. Is this no longer the case? Or is running in admin mode the fix (and worth the "breaks") when the overlay is not working?
  4. Solved this! Apparently what I was missing was running the programs in admin mode as well
  5. It sounds like a UDP or QoS issue. Try going into mumble > settings, make sure the advanced box is checked off in the lower left, go to the network tab and check "Force TCP Mode" and uncheck "Use Quality of Service" That may help.
  6. Do you have echo cancellation on? either within mumble or on your OS? That would definitely cause the drop outs when the mic detects a single (or harmonic) of frequencies.
  7. Except it wouldn't be only a few bites. Its "a few bites" (if that few) per person per server instance. and it would have to poll a lot in order to stay up to date. The best would be if it polled every time the mic actives but that would create latency too as the server would have to turn around and allow the mic to pass audio. I bet if it is something you are really interested in, you could run some sort of script in python and mumo to do this, but I'm guessing the appetite is not there from the devs to do this as it would probably be a huge resource and bandwith hog.
  8. As soon as you start transfering more information then Mumble is no longer Low-Latency and becomes as high latency as all the others.
  9. Except, all the server knows is that there is audio being transmitted. It has no way of knowing what method the audio is being inputting in to mumble. As far as the server is concerned there is no difference between continuous, PTT, and voice activated. That said, if properly setup, listeners should not be able to tell the difference between VA and PTT.
  10. You can remove all the ACL and just go with access tokens (passwords).
  11. I may be totally wrong, but this may be a database issue.... Similar to this. Here's a link to help find your database.
  12. Is this a server you are "registered" on? It may be related to this same error. Not sure that will fix it, but other than a preference and favorites, not much to lose.
  13. There are many possibilities... Are you able to click "Connect" when you highlight the server? Is mumble giving you a message when you fail to connect? Are you trying to connect via IP Address or DNS name? Can the server admin check the server logs to see if they see you attempting to connect? -If so, what message are they getting? Have you changed computers or reinstalled your Operating System recently?
  14. So, what's not working? Can you not connect to your server? Can others outside your network not connect? The only things showing in your log is that it's not a publicly registered server, which just means it has to be manually added to connect, and Bonjour failed to load which means its not showing up as a server automatically to those inside your network.
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