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  1. Excellent question! I would like to know this one as well.
  2. N8LHG


    Ok, not supported. But yeah, stereo (two channels) input, listener on the other side also hearing stereo (2 separate channels), if they choose.
  3. N8LHG


    Folks, has there been any thought to "stereo" support?
  4. [17:41:06] Welcome to Mumble. [17:41:07] Mumble failed to retrieve version information from the central server. Is that useful to you folks? Doesn't seem to get in the way of connecting to the server, but is a message I'm not use to seeing. First two messages seen when connecting to a mumble server. Looks like its sporadic. Not happening every time. Outage of some kind?
  5. Anyone know of a way to feed the live murmur log to admin user output window? That would be a pretty cool option IMHO.
  6. I agree. Vuex was too interested in constantly reminding you it was Vuex with its icons and banners.
  7. A+. I personally like the Bravo 6 (which I'm using now). Nothing fancy, and satisfies the "dark theme".
  8. Honestly, I've never been one for the fancy flashy themes. I would be perfectly ok with the "FREE" Vuex or Bravo 6 theme.
  9. Folks, Perhaps I'm blind, but can anyone tell me if/where a toggle for a "dark theme" may be for the new forums site?
  10. N8LHG

    Welcome Back

    Glad to see the forums back.
  11. Hi folks, Mumble crashed on me today. Cold start of the pc, first start of mumble. When trying to send the crash report I received: This really isn't funny, but apparently there's a bug in the crash reporting code, and we've failed to upload the report. You may inform a developer about error 2. Tried again, and it seemed to come up fine.
  12. That's awesome that someone is taking it over. The older 2015 client I had isn't retrieving the server lists anymore. Mumla seems to resolve that.
  13. I'll be honest. I've tried discord, and its too "social media" ish to me. Its insecure, too open to the world. If you are looking for social media with social audio options, I suppose its the way to go. I like mumble because the server is secure and centralized (maintained by people you can trust), and the communications are not public.
  14. I'm not really sure where you are going with this. I think encryption is not lawful on Ham Radio at all (USA anyway). Commercial licenses have radio modes where encryption is available, but I doubt those radios you were talking about are FCC type accepted, so probably can't use those legally. If my understanding is correct (I'm NOT an expert), FRS (Family radio service) has encryption available, but is very low power, very short range. GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) shares many of the same frequencies of FRS, allows higher power (licensed) but does NOT allow encryption. IMHO - If you want clean encrypted voice communications, use something like mumble over WIFI or wired internet (or a combo of both).
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