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  1. IIRC moving people requires the Move right in the source and the destination channel (for the user trying to move people).
  2. It's a bug that might happen on servers running on Windows only. Updating to the latest snapshot should fix it.
  3. IIRC someone added a text message callback to in the current snapshot versions, so it should be possible to write the same thing for Mumble.
  4. Mumble does nothing special. It's using standard a TLS connection and UDP for voice data, but there are lots of small packets, because that's how real-time communication works (i.e. 20ms audio per packet will produce 50 packets per second per talking user). Local flood protections are useless anyway, they can't prevent anything...
  5. pcgod

    PTT Wont bind

    Try to run the mouse driver program as admin or install Mumble in a location that's not in your Program Files directory.
  6. The counter is per user and is increased for every audio frame sent to the server. It won't increase if you're not talking. A lost packet should result in missing numbers, i.e. someone with audio per packet 60ms should send packets with the sequence numbers 6, 12, 18, 24 etc. (audio per packet 20ms -> 2, 4, 6, 8 etc.) and there will be a gap if the server didn't receive one of those packets.
  7. iirc the sequence number in an audio packet is the number of the first frame in that packet (i.e. each frame is 10ms and it will increase by 2 for each packet with audio per packet set to 20ms) and the counter resets after 500 "silent frames" (i.e. if you're not talking for 5 seconds). about the codec negotiation: the client sends all supported versions in the authenticate message. The server will tell you which codec you should use using the preferAlpha field. The client always sends audio data encoded with the version depending on the value of preferAlpha, if it's true it will use the ver
  8. Ignore those message. We're not using SSLv2 (and no one should).
  9. Try to create the directory /usr/lib/qt4/plugins as a workaround...
  10. Registered users can't change their name. You have to ask an admin to change it for you (using the registered users dialog).
  11. Run setpoint as Administrator (or install the Mumble client in a path which is not in %PROGRAMFILES%).
  12. AFAIK extended support means that it uses the context and identity information correctly (i.e. ingame username in the identity field and server/team/etc in the context field).
  13. The table mentioned in the error is not one of Mumur's tables and you shouldn't share the database with other programs.
  14. You can't use the backward compatible 1.1.x client to connect to an 1.2.x server.
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