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  1. Whohaw. I tried that MumPI, sounds awesome. But having minor problems with ICE on php. Well, I entered, looked great, installation succeed kinda smoothly. But when I logged into the admin I got a problem, it said I didnt have ICE enabled on php? So I though... hmm easiest way.. Prolly apt-get And I did sudo apt-get install php-zeroc-ice I am using Lighttpd btw. :p Well, result was that after installing php-zeroc-ice, when I enter page it just comes wit ha blank result. Blank white page. Nothing more. /var/log/lighttpd/error.log: Using Ubuntu Server 10.04 Any help highly
  2. Hello, I heard SQLITE is fastest. But how can I manage it? I tried installing MAP - Mumb1e Admin Plugin But in installation process it looks like it forces me to use Mysql. Question 1: Is there any web based admin panel that allows me to create channels, on sqlite? Question 2: I got things up and running, installed it. I only have 1 channel, how do I login to admin so I can etc ban users? Question 3: How can I make Murmur into mysql? Just enter phpmyadmin, make a new database, and write the info in /etc/mumble-server.ini and it will automatically import the database there? Don
  3. Hehe no problem. :) I am a well known person in the open tibia community. And I will create a tutorial/guide on how to set this up. open tibia is like "wow private server" but its for a game called tibia. And we have a forum community there ( http://otland.net/forum.php ) that during the day (europe) has over 500 members online past 5 minutes~ average. I am working on a tutorial/guide there, it will be great advertisement for you guys. :)
  4. I have been searching for voice communication programs to use. I started using Ventrilo, found rooms to participate in, but was annoyed by the system they had, and the bad quality they had. I also found it annoying that it was restricted to 8 users only. But the worst part was that you couldn't change the port to host it on. Also teamspeak has a reputation for having a abnormal slow reputation, and teamspeak 3 for being expensive and not allowed to host any good servers yourself. Skype has to much lag with echoing, one guy has a high mic, one guy has a low mic, one guy has a crappy
  5. znote


    Have no problems logging in, surfing and enjoying the forum using Google Chrome. Ofc its a bit slow thought.
  6. I am also curious about this question.
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