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  1. Well, the server seems to be working fine despite being locked out of SuperUser, so i guess i can live without a resolution to the bug. If i ever need SuperUser i'll reset the password or whatnot and hope that that time it doesn't complain.
  2. Quite sure, yes. It's my server, i created the password moments before, using "murmur.exe -supw Password_of_your_choice", as directed in the aforementioned guide. No, since i had just created the server and password, and started the server, it seems odd that i would need to again set a new password and restart the server. Also it presumably would ask for the old password before letting me make a new one anyway... Right? :P I don't know what any of this means. :P I don't think it was referenced in the guide. Presumably i have one server.
  3. I set up a Murmur server, with SuperUser password and the whole bit, following the guide. I created a user account and successfully joined the Mumble server. However, if i try to connect using the SuperUser username with correct password, i get "Wrong certificate or password for registered user. If you are certain this user is protected by a password please retry. Otherwise abort and check your certificate and username." What is the problem here?
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