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  1. has try created room with password ?
  2. Yes, but I mean that when an end user downloads my mumble version automatically, I have already installed my theme.
  3. It happens that I am creating a new Skin practicing a little and I decided to create new icons, it turns out that the icons do not have the same color that I put them on. Screen: I use master theme, the size of icons don't is the correct.
  4. Oh thx, and doc for compiling theme how default installation?
  5. Yes but now need pay jhahaha xD I have one project whit mumble, need asociated, this project is for community and more.
  6. What happens is that you have to improve the appearance and usability of the application add and stop adding so many functions. In the main Hosters are looking for something that people want to use and mumble is good but I personally had to work hard for users to use Mumble. That is not the plan of this. The plan is to be easy to use. Because of fulfilling its function, it already does it well. Only the work of UI and UX is missing. I can collaborate with the design part without problems. I have 3 years working as a graphic designer and 1 year as a designer of UI and UX. If we want Mu
  7. I have seen people who want to collaborate with the design part and they are only sent to see what there is currently ... I do not understand then.
  8. How do I donate to the mumble project? I want to contribute to this wonderful project in money as in knowledge, I am a UX / UI designer and I would like to make my contributions :D
  9. hello community, this time I bring a proposal to join us a little more in this project. What do you think if we create a Slack in which we join designers and developers to promote the mumble project?
  10. Hi guys, i need documentation for create one new UI for Mumble, my idea is aplicate to mumble my new UI more modern.
  11. I have seen some variations of themes for mumble but I would like to create my own version, where can I find the open source client version to edit it?
  12. Español Estoy pensando en que sería mucho más comodo añadir in sistema de segmentación en el que los usurios puedan asignar iconos o a los rangos como Moderador, Administrador, Miembro ó Guest, sería como más organizado en el caso de comunidades para reconocer a esos usuarios no ? English I'm thinking that it would be much more convenient to add in segmentation system in which users can assign icons or to the ranks as Moderator, Administrator, Member or Guest, it would be as more organized in the case of communities to recognize those users not? German Ich denke, dass es viel bequemer
  13. This is making me a bit confusing and difficult, I tried to install the interface as 200 times, and I'm really tired, is there a manual to install all this? What I want to do is the following: Install Mumble: Ready Install MumPI: 200 errors in everything. I did not even bother to check the log, I just eliminated everything.
  14. alkane

    Installatio path

    Thanks u, :D other question, ¿is posible create default theme for my mumble version? and that this can also be installed automatically? Is there any method?
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