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  1. Because there are multiple configurations and versions possible for Minecraft and several reports of mouse sensitivity issues noted (i.e. optifine, modpacks, etc...) from doing a normal web search, we will need some more information about this to determine if the issue is Mumble related.
  2. According to their FAQ, you can get support for their client here: http://lunarclient.com/support It appears to be a link to their Discord server. Could you check to see if positional audio is working for another game listed under Plugins?
  3. ZeroAbility


    Do you mean stereo input? If so: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/issues/4610
  4. I don't see an entry for that in the public server list and a WHOIS doesn't show a domain by that name. It's possible the admin of that server is no longer running it.
  5. Perhaps these might help: https://hydrogenaud.io/index.php?topic=104916.0 https://wiki.xiph.org/OpusFAQ#Opus_is_using_too_much_CPU_for_my_application._What_can_I_do.3F
  6. Are there other things using the embedded CPU that lose performance due to the audio compression?
  7. It's possible the service is not running. Have you verified that? I believe the command on modern Debian based systems is: sudo systemctl status murmurd
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