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    P2P Chats

    It will be amazing if Mumble had the ability to create a private chat without a server by hosting it on your computer and having the ability to invite other Mumble users to join the chat and it works when the host uses a VPN. This way no need to rent out a server and have to pay for it. I think doing something like Jami does which allows for a serverless P2P communication will be the way to implement this. The problem with Mumble is that to run a server, you cannot just install an app and launch it and check off a few boxes, you need to edit a text file and need to know some computer skills
  2. I cannot get the overlay to work on any of my Linux games. I have tried native linux games such as CSGO and I have tried many games using Steam proton and non-steam games in Wine. Does the overlay work on linux?
  3. On Pumble Mumble for Andriod) you are able to find servers by searching for them. Please add this into the desktop clients.
  4. I am new to Mumble and had a few questions about the software. I have Mumble on my computer, Murmur on my computer and Pumble on my phone. I want to use Mumble for voice chat in games. I would like to be able to join mumble servers on my phone or my computer and host a server on my computer whenever I want. 1. When you talk on any mumble server, weather you have a certificate or not will your connection be encrypted? 2. When you join a server for the first time and it asks to generate a certificate for the server, is this needed for an encrypted connection? 3. Mumble when I
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