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  1. So I set up a room on a private LAN, where a person can talk but his or her transmissions are captured as sound clips. The room doesn't need to be retransmitted to any other person just saved on the server. I have been doing this by using a client with the record feature. Yet this has problems. The main problem is the record feature records any and all non-transmission time so if a person starts talking takes a break for 10 mins then continues talking it just one really long clip with 10 mins of non-talking. One audio clip was 6 hours and only 40 seconds of actual audio. Is there any plugs that can work with mumble to do what I'm looking for, preferable is a person joins the room, makes 3 push to talk transmissions then ends I would have 3 different audio clips with timestamps. Thanks again,
  2. I was looking around on the settings and was wondering if it was possible while recording to make individual files for each transmission instead of the single user file per recording session. This setting could be on server or client as I’m running this setup on a single machine.
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