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  1. Thanks for your reply Kissaki. I used the official Windows 64bit installer, (Downloaded here: https://www.mumble.info/downloads/ ) I simply ran it just as it is. (Why would I even want to modify it? ) I expected the log to be found at C:\Program Files\Mumble (Which is where it shows up if I run Murmur specifically as admin.) More info: I am using Windows 10 Pro I am simply doing the install from the only user that exist on the machine. (Eg it's an account that is basically admin.) I just removed the old installation, and tried once again. This is the output from the log windo
  2. I've run Murmur for years on Linux environments, but recently I experimented with running on a Windows Pro host. The first thing I ran into was that no logs were saved. Apparently because the installer somehow locks Murmurs folder/files, so they can only be opened by an administrator. (Running Murmur as admin makes the logfiles show up.) Question 1: I have a hard time beliving that this is how it is supposed to work? Or? Question 2: Is it possible to run Murmur as a service? (I only found old stuff online that required some third party program to make Windows think Murmur was a serv
  3. Thank you both for your answers and I could not agree more. I hate Discord, but I want to be able what it's doing. I thought Mumble was very much alive and kicking. There are many servers online, and all kinds of of distributions have it included (Freedombox etc.), all searches for "discord alternative" result in Mumble. But, when all my users complain... "The overlay does not work, you can set text size, but it has no effect." "The phone version is 5 years old! I can't install that" "Nah.. I'm already in a voice channel on Discord using my webbrowser. I can't be bothered to install
  4. I've been using Mumble for many years, by providing a server for me and my friends to chat on while playing games. I've fought hard when they suggested Teamspeak, Skype any other voice chat but this battle is becoming harder and harder. Mumble was the first voice chat with proper low latency, so people did not speak on top of each other, and it did not bog down their machines like Skype. But today the competition has caugt up to Mumble on these points. Especially with Discord being the new hot thing. People love how "it just works", and the fact that it is also a persistent chat room. Hel
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