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  1. Isn't that what https://github.com/mumble-voip/libmumble was intended for? But I guess it is not up-to-date really.
  2. Hi there, I know this is a fairly old post but I wanted to drop a note that we are partly investigating this possibility over at https://github.com/zsawyer/MumbleLink (the Minecraft mod for positional audio). https://github.com/zsawyer/MumbleLink/pull/35#issuecomment-787217898 Thanks for the request. I will keep the mute on death idea in mind if we ever get that far. On your use-cases: 1./2. channel movement and dynamic creation as well as muting would be something that has already been done for other games using the mumo plugin 3. This
  3. -> Easy positional audio for java! I have implemented an interface library which uses the link plugin to hand over positional audio information to mumble. https://github.com/zsawyer/mumble-LinkAPI This will come in handy for basically all Java applications, I think. I could use some help with cross compiling if it doesn't make it into mumble directly (see https://sourceforge.net/p/mumble/feature-requests/1094/). comments, help, ideas? Thanks for reading, zs
  4. Ok this ofcourse is not what I was hoping to hear. I am sad that this is the way positional audio is seen - "a nice plus-feature and fun thing". I can see that the above is still a rare use case. However positional audio is one important feature of Mumble and as such I would like to see more emphasise on this "unique selling proposition". Mumble has the potential for this "heavy simulating way" as shown by PRMumble (http://www.realitymod.com/mumble) with daily 100+ people joining one server where the main focus is on this positional audio feature. I submitted a new Feature Request (ht
  5. Thank you for your response. About the "identity" as JSON-String: Is this being parsed by Mumble/Murmur by default or did you have to write a custom Mumble/Murmur or script? I do not see how identity is evaluated by Mumble. I am having a hard time finding the documentation for the link plugin and the developers documentation of Mumble. Furthermore: You gave me an idea: I am applying that json approach to context (not that it matters) and instead of using the server IP and Port I will try to get a unique id from the world that one plays on. I actually found something and it works:
  6. It doesn't matter if I am using an IP or a DNS-name - the router simply does not allow it. The source interface cannot be the target interface. Some routers allow NAT Loopback in that case there would be no issues - but that is not default for all routers. So "Extended Support" infact makes using the Mod impossible for those that have no NAT Loopback and are hosting a server in their LAN. While right now with only basic support there will be no issues. Also: Creating a channel in Mumble is alot easier then either buying a new router or setting it up with NAT Loopback. I am going to sti
  7. Hello again, Right now I am porting the mod to Linux and all went well. At the same time I wanted to integrate the "context" more correctly and add Server IP and Port. For creating the context I was Planing on something like this: String context = "Minecraft:" + server_ip + ":" + port + ":AllTalk"; However I came to think that this will pose some problems that actually would effect myself (and I imagine this would apply to some others as well): There is a scenario where this will cause problems for use with local servers - I access my dedicated Minecraft server which is ano
  8. Good to know. Thank you very much for your kind help! Edit: Thank you for putting it in there too! Regars, zs PS: I love the Mumble project and I hope that by getting this important feature to work with such a relatively popular game like Minecraft that the knowledge of this great project will spread even more. :)
  9. Sorry for the delayed response but the forum would keep freezing on me for no reason. Thank you both for your replies. That is exactly what I wanted to know. The mod basically supports identity and context - however it is not really used since Minecraft doesn't seperate teams and squads - context will be "MinecraftAllTalk" (i might add the server IP in a later version) and identity will be the player's nick. So just to be sure I would go for "basic support" untill I inserted the server ip into the context. Anyways: So I tried to edit the page like it said here: http://mumble.so
  10. Hi, I have created a Minecraft-Mod that adds support for mumble's positional audio. http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=235800 It uses the Link-Plugin (1.2.0) - so basically it should be called "native" support. I now would like to add Minecraft to the list of supported games but I am unsure as of where to insert it. And I do not understand what the difference between "Basic support" and "Yes" is. What is "extended positional audio feature" as compared to "allow positioning"? Any hints would be appreciated. Regards, zs
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