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  1. You'll have to implement that yourself or (probably easier) use a library in your plugin that provides you with this functionality. It will end up being exactly as easy/hard to do as in a regular C/C++ program.
  2. It is something different. The plugin API allows for plugins running on different clients but that are connected to the same server to send messages to each other. And messages sent this way are then received via the onReceiveData function on the receiving end. The traffic goes through the regular Mumble connection though and not through any external ports or sockets.
  3. Yes that seems to be the case
  4. Well then I guess there is some logic implemented to pick that up first I guess xD It's expected to be an ini file (just checked the code to be sure)
  5. Yes. By default Mumble does look for the ini only in specific folders and I think the current directory is not in that list...
  6. Without looking into the details I'd assume that you are triggering the action too early. Instead setting a flag might be better that when set causes the window to show at a later point. However I think an RPC command is not the way to go since these are intended to remote control an already running instance of Mumble. Instead you should add this as a command line option
  7. If the server only accepts users with a known certificate, then you will not be able to connect until an admin adds your new cert to the whitelist. However I assume that in your case you have been registered on that server with your old cert and are now connecting with your new one using the same username. That won't work. You'll have to pick a different (unregistered) name in order to connect. If you want your old name back, you'll have to ask the admin to delete the registration for that name for you.
  8. I basically understood 0% of what you wrote. You'll have to draft proper sentences and at least partly adhere to correct spelling if you want others to understand you. From the location of this thread (in the iOS category) and from the bits I think I interpreted correctly from your message it seems that you are having issues with the Mumble iOS app. If that is the case I can only tell you that that app is currently completely unsupported since quite a while (a few years). Also none of the developers of that app is still part of the team and therefore we unfortunately won't be able to help you with it.
  9. What do you mean by "in idle"? Connected to your Mumble server but not sending or receiving audio?
  10. Feature requests should be made on GitHub and not here in the forums 🙂
  11. Personally I don't know of an active CVP project but that does not have to mean a whole lot as I never needed something like this (not yet anyway)...
  12. I think there is no way to cut down the size of the help window that is used on Windows but you could have a look at the source code as there the help message is contained as a plain String. Not a pretty solution but I would say that as a workaround it does the job: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/fa80b18a481b8c58e7e5c3a39c813cce1da1d70c/src/mumble/main.cpp#L227-L314
  13. I am not aware of only displaying the configuration window of Mumble and I also don't see a straight forward way to do it... Maybe if you could outline your general idea a bit more there might be an alternative approach though
  14. Yes I think we don't have an official Raspbian PPA. The ARM build available in the repositories was probably be built by one of the repo maintainers. I guess you should try to contact them... Another option would be to compile Mumble yourself. Given that there is a package in the repo for it, I assume chances are good that the dependencies needed for that are in the repo as well. You can find the build instructions at https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/blob/master/docs/dev/build-instructions/README.md
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