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  1. What version of Mumble are you using? Feel free and create a pull request fixing this seemingly simple issue. We'd be glad if it got fixed.
  2. I am not sure about the exact capabilities of PyMumble but it definitely works without GUI. You can check it out at https://github.com/azlux/pymumble
  3. Yes and no. Depends on what API you are referring to. What I spoke of was the plugin API which is completely unrelated to the libmumble repo. If however you speak of API in the sense that Mumble ships as a library that has an API through which you can interact with it instead of as a GUI, then yes that is exactly what libmumble was aiming at. Note however that it will probably take a significant amount of time until we get that kind of stuff sorted out. On the other hand you could look into whether there is a possibility to use e.g. PyMumble (a Mumble client Bot framewo
  4. Okay then you can either create your own plugin that implements an arbitrary interfacing to your game or you can use the Mumble JSON bridge (see links above) and call the corresponding CLI from your game to pass down instructions via JSON. Note however that The current API does not yet support all of what you need. For instance creating a channel or joining/leaving a specific server is not yet possible. If you are interested we could make that work though. It shouldn't be too hard to add that In order for the plugin-approach to work the official Mumble client has to be
  5. Could you elaborate a bit more on what you have in mind specifically? Something like this would probably be what you needed for what you have in mind, but that particular project has never been completed and is now completely unmaintained. Thus this is not really usable at all. Unfortunately though there currently is not replacement. We are aiming to provide a library-like version of the Mumble client but as of now that does not work. Depending on what you need exactly though, you could either link to the "Link" plugin of Mumble (https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Li
  6. If you rephrase your question, turn down the font to a reasonable size and actually describe what is happening and why that is a problem then maybe we can help. Otherwise: No
  7. First of all: Don't cross-post here on the forums. This is the kind of action that makes me not want to help you at all. *Thread closed*
  8. FWIW we have received another report about this and there it turns out that the "minimum volume" setting was the issue. It currently defaults to 80% which seems to be barely audible. If you don't want to hear distant players at all, turn this down to 0%.
  9. @MilkMadeforFolding what you can do in order to troubleshoot this, is grab a friend and use the "Manual plugin" in Mumble instead. Select that plugin in the Plugins menu and click the Configure button. That brings up a new dialog in which you can manually specify your position. Note that you have to manually enter a context as well (which has to be the same for your friend) and then check the "Link" checkbox. After both of you have seen the message about the manual plugin having linked in the chatbar, experiment with the position and how that affects audio. With that you should be able to
  10. In general you will get better help if you join the linked Discord for the Lunar Client and create a ticket on there. This is because this is almost certainly an issue on the Lunar Client side and not on the Mumble side.
  11. I just spoke with a Lunar Client developer and was told that the issue you are describing should have been fixed with an update about a month ago (see https://www.lunarclient.com/patch-notes/03-21-21/). Did you verify that you are using the latest version of Lunar client? EDIT: In order to make sure: Please make a screenshot of the commit-ID in the main menu and upload it here.
  12. Ah okay. In that case I think you'll have to report the issue to them. Given that you are able to hear the direction of other players, the transmission of positional data and its processing in the audio backend seems to work. My suspicion is that the Lunar client does not set/send the distance of different players for some reason. EDIT: I also joined their Discord and will try to figure out what's going on. But you should still report your problem yourself in order to receive proper support from the folks that actually know how their client works ^^
  13. Should be possible, yes. The -supw option is available on all OS.
  14. What "Lunar client"? Is this Minecraft related?
  15. Okay so this means that the plugin is able to link to the game and extract at least some information out of it. A few questions regarding this: Where did you get a Minecraft plugin for Mumble from? Afaik Mumble does not ship with one by default. Aka: What did you download from where and where did you put that in order to install it? Have you double-checked that you are running the same version of the plugin as your friends? Are you all using the exact same version of Minecraft (exact same patch-level)?
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