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  1. yeah but i want the server to be in Serbia even tho it's not hosted there, so that the people form Serbia join the Server, no other way around i don't want it to rank the server by it's IP, it's not good, there must be added a setting that gives you the ability to specify the country you want your server to show in.
  2. Ah i see it it's in the Finland, there's no Serbia as the Option for the Servers and in The list, how to get Serbia added on the list?
  3. i just commented the hostname thing with # so that it can do auto stuff and it worked <W>2020-12-14 11:29:24.964 1 => Registration: Registration updated so my server should be visible in the list somewhere? how do i find it.. what country..
  4. The Server is Hosted On a VPS in Finland, but the server is meant for the People from Serbia how do i fix this?
  5. it doesn't work i have set the country code to rs, as Republic of Serbia or just Serbia.. but i get some error in the console <W>2020-12-14 11:09:47.105 1 => <1:(-1)> New connection: <W>2020-12-14 11:09:47.341 1 => <1:(-1)> Connection closed: The TLS/SSL connection has been closed [1] <W>2020-12-14 11:09:47.360 1 => Registration: Registration updated [Location does not match hostname country code. Ignored unverified certificate]
  6. can the registerHostname= be the domain over dns like registerHostname=mumble.name.topleveldomain or it must be the numeric static ip?
  7. Hi, I'm new to mumble so i decided to host a mumble server for my community i already have a vps server, so I'm hosting my mumble/murmur server there, but the question is how would i add my server to the mumble server list you that you see on the client when you open mumble?
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