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  1. @Krzmbrzl I could do that at some point in the next week 🙂 Also, an update to the previous post: since spawning the settings menu doesn't require any user input/data, I didn't actually need to make the OpenConfigEvent class and could just do iter = qmRequest.find(QLatin1String("settings")); if (iter != qmRequest.constEnd()) { qApp->postEvent(Global::get().mw, new QEvent(static_cast< QEvent::Type >(CO_QEVENT))); } in SocketRPC.cpp. And then I followed the logic for handling a OU_QEVENT in order to know what to do for my custom CO_QEVENT.
  2. Krzmbrzl was right, the action was being triggered too early (thanks for your help!). For anyone else interested, I ended up using an rpc command, and did something like this in SocketRPC.cpp: OpenConfigEvent *oce = new OpenConfigEvent(); qApp->postEvent(Global::get().mw, oce); I essentially just followed how the OpenURLEvent was set up/used and made my own custom OpenConfigEvent.
  3. LilyC

    Using MumbleLink

    I was trying to get my program to talk to the plugin using sockets. I am curious how onReceiveData() in MumblePlugin.h is meant to work- is it a listener on the address and port a user is connected to on Mumble, or something entirely different? What triggers it? If this is not the way to go for socket connections, is there a different easy way to use sockets with the plugin?
  4. Haha okay So in that case, would putting mumble.ini in the same directory be the same as what one would accomplish using the --config argument?
  5. Oh. I was able to load a specific Mumble configuration by putting mumble.ini next to mumble.exe. When using the --config argument, is it an ini file that is supposed to be passed, or a different file format?
  6. Is putting Mumble.ini next to Mumble.exe functionally different from using the `--config` option when running Mumble?
  7. I've decided to try making an rpc command for launching the Mumble Configuration window. I ended up adding this code on line 171 of SocketRPC.cpp: iter = qmRequest.find(QLatin1String("stoptalking")); if (iter != qmRequest.constEnd()) { Global::get().mw->on_PushToTalk_triggered(false, QVariant()); } // added code --v iter = qmRequest.find(QLatin1String("settings")); if (iter != qmRequest.constEnd()) { Global::get().mw->qaConfigDialog->trigger(); } // added code --^ ack = true; This successfully launches the Mumble Configuration window when a user types "mumble rpc settings". However, when the settings are applied, they do not remain, and when the Configuration window is closed, the main window UI turns blank and then crashes. I am wondering if you could help me figure out what I am doing wrong, or tell me if there is a better work flow for this?
  8. Ideally, I would want Mumble to spawn hidden/minimized, but allow the user to only spawn the Mumble Configuration window if need be. I will probably look into making code changes since I do not think there is a way to do this currently.
  9. That is helpful, thanks!
  10. Hello, I am running Windows and have the latest version of Mumble from Github built on my machine. I am trying to use Mumble in a game I am developing and would like users to only view the Mumble Configuration window and not other windows. I was wondering if it is possible to spawn the Mumble Configuration menu from the command line (such as with rpc), or make an overlay that accomplishes the same thing, or if anyone has any other suggestions on the easiest/best way to accomplish this. Thanks!
  11. When I run "mumble /?" it spawns a help menu. However, I am unable to resize it or scroll through it, and it is very long so I cannot view it all. I have been looking at the full options on one of the Github pages, but is there an easier way to properly view the help menu?
  12. LilyC

    Using MumbleLink

    Thank you for the links to documentation! I am using C++ with my game. I was able to build your forked version, and am now looking into the plugin you mentioned. However, I am a little confused on what to do with it. For example, I built the example plugin, and now have an example.dll, example.lib, etc. How would I utilize these files? Am I meant to add the dll through Mumble's plugin settings? Or maybe use the files in a future build of Mumble? I am confused how your fork and mumble-plugin-cpp are meant to be tied together. Perhaps I am misunderstanding in general how it is supposed to be used.
  13. LilyC

    Using MumbleLink

    Thank you for your responses! I am building the game with Visual Studio 2017, so I was looking into libmumble, though I am not confident it will compile/work due to it being so old (I also found a couple of different versions and wasn't sure of the differences between them anyway). I was also looking at using Whisper but ran into the same issue where it was built with very old tools and I have not been able to build it with VS 2017. To my knowledge, there is no recent project similar to Whisper that is built on top of Mumble to work with OpenSim (which is what I am using for the game). I was able to build Mumble 1.4.0, so I will definitely look into interfacing and look into the JSON bridge. The Mumble API seems useful- do you know if there is any documentation on all of functions available/how they work? For the most part, the function names seem intuitive, but I am still looking for good documentation on it.
  14. Hello, I am interested in using Mumble in my game. I was looking at the instructions here (https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Link) which explain how to link Mumble to the game. However, I am curious what linking the game to Mumble actually does- does this allow the game to use the Mumble functionality itself (for example, having the ability to press X button in my game to mute myself using Mumble's mute functionality) or does it accomplish something more similar to a plugin to where you can enable the overlay? I am interested in having the ability to incorporate Mumble's abilities into my game rather than having the user launch Mumble as a separate application when playing. Any information/help would be appreciated! :)
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