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  1. lunar client is a client for minecraft that has mumble support. we all have both the same version of mumble and minecraft
  2. 1. Lunar client is my client and the plugin I didn't download anything I just clicked apply to all of them in the Mumble application. I downloaded the mumble app from the first link on google and the two just automatically worked after I turned the mumble function on in lunar client. I'll get back to you on the others once I wake up and check with them
  3. I have connected to a server and am able to hear others but the proximity won't work, no matter how far away I am from them I can hear them and the volume does not change but the proximity chat works for them just not me and one other of the party members. I have positional audio selected and applied. I am on Minecraft Hypixel and get well out of range that is set and I can still hear them and am able to tell their direction even having the exact same settings of a guy who does have it working and restarting many times on both my Minecraft client and Mumble. It was working for a bit but out of
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