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  1. Hello, sorry for my delay. I'm pretty busy in my job right now. I switched the noise suppression off but I played a bit with other values - especially with the gain. But when I pull the gain down Mumble amplifies and when I pull the gain up Mumble reduces the output. The result is an unusable input signal on the transceiver's input. It's either too loud and the transceiver throttles it or so quiet that it should be amplified but there's no way to. I'm still looking for a way to set fix audio levels without AGC 'n stuff like that. Best regards Manuel
  2. Hello I've installed mumble server on my Raspberry and mumble Client in my Win10 computer to use it as a audio server for my Amateur Radio station.... The connection works well! Now my question: Is it possible to turn AGG off? If yes, where? I wanna transfer a digital signal which is generated by my Win 10 Computer sent via the Raspberry to the Transceiver but within the first 5....6 seconds it becomes quiter and quiter till the signal becomes unusable quiet.... Best regards Manuel
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