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  1. Thank you Kissaki! I did have a channel patron show me that feature when I posted this thread and it worked as well. but the original skin was easier for users. thanks for the reply. cheers
  2. After further review and a re-install with certificate importing it would appear build 1.3.4 does NOT have a push to talk assignment field. Please correct and install this feature on the next build as I need crtl key! Thanks development team...
  3. After reinstalling mumble I noticed that there is not the option to assign a push to talk key! Is this an isolated incident as I rushed through the setup rather quickly but was familiar with the interface by this time. The talk square is clickable that mumble provides, however either 1.3.4 no longer has the field for key assignment or is there something more going on here. any help would be appreciated. cheers o/
  4. Issue resolved, the admin bin'ed the old certificate and all is back as it should be. I think the certificate is a bit over the top for security maybe an alternative method of verification could be devised in the future. Also I lost the option to choose my push to talk button besides the native square 😞 I prefer the crtl key 😞
  5. hoi o/ Krzmbrzl I figured it would be something like that, so simple too. I run ADM from my NAS and only familiar with some perl and ruby from older times. I appreciate the fallow up. cheers
  6. I used an image on my system and lost my certificate and noticed we are suppose to save them oh well. I made a new one, but I cant enter a saved server I know and used to log in. Im on with my android but is there a way to get back from pc. thanks in advance
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