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  1. If i ever get a response to my thread again, here is some more information. I cleared out my firewall logs, after finding a log from this weekend when i was having the disconnect issues. My firewall is recording a UDP flood and knocking the machine off the internet. Are there certain ports that need to be opened to allow this software to work correctly? I was able to reproduce this issue within about 10minutes of connecting to my groups mumble server.
  2. Not a stupid user.... Not super happy at this time... Here is your nslookup, didn't think i needed to post this. Non-authoritative answer: Name: any-rc.a01.yahoodns.net Address: Aliases: http://www.yahoo.com rc.yahoo.com rc.g01.yahoodns.net As you can see the address is a public internet address. As I said before my Netgear Router ProSafe 802.11g Wireless Firewall/Print Server FWG114P firewall is setup with the option of getting the Domain Name Server (DNS) Address Automatically from my ISP. No new firmware versions have been released in some time. This firewall has been working without issue for years, if your saying i need to get a new one because this software is designed to overload some firewalls maybe it needs a refactor... I am a software developer... On another note don't you think it is odd that my full network is not taken down only the machine that mumble is run from? If this was a firewall issue my full network would have been taken down because my isp would have quit sending dns to my firewal. I didn't mention that when i started have problems i updated the local boxes TCP/IPv4 settings to pull directly from my isp and another source. They are as follows: 216.146.35,,, within mintues of starting mumble and connecting to the server all apps still lost connection to the internet.
  3. My router firewall is pulling DNS from my ISP, it does not host its own locally. The only thing it hosts is the Dynamic ips it gives out to the machines on my local network.
  4. So, your saying it is my home firewall that is causing this? If that is so wouldn't this cause all of the computers on the network to lose connectivity? THis is the only machine that is affected when i run mumble.
  5. My guild is trying out mumble. Once i login to mumble with in seconds all other applications quit working. Mumble continues to function but as soon as i shut the application down windows says DNS has stopped responding. All other machines on my network have no issues with DNS, but i can run Vent all day long with out any performance issues. THe machine has to be shut down for about a minute after mumble has been running for it to connect back up to the dns server, while the problem is occuring i try an nslookup but it says it is getting a time out from the dns server. Mumble version: mumble-1.2.3 x86 version OS Version: Windows 7 x86
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