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mumble causing sensitivity problems

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I been using mumble to play minecraft with friends but ive been having a problem with sensitive when i launch mumble. I have tried changing priority for both minecraft and mumble but it has not worked. Whether im in a server or just have mumble open the sensitivty problem starts but when i close mumble my sensitivity goes back to normal. I really hope theres a fix to this because it is really fustrating

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I have this problem too; Whenever I join minecraft and open mumble, my sensitivity starts skipping every once in a while. I just tested it by moving my crosshair left and right, and sometimes the crosshair will move further than I moved my mouse, if that makes sense. This happened for me with zoom as well, so I'm not sure if mumble is too intensive for my computer with minecraft open, but any help would be appreciated.

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Because there are multiple configurations and versions possible for Minecraft and several reports of mouse sensitivity issues noted (i.e. optifine, modpacks, etc...) from doing a normal web search, we will need some more information about this to determine if the issue is Mumble related.

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