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Will latency be reduced on Linux vs Windows?

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I spent a lot of time to measure the latency of a signal coming form a Windows selfhosted murmur to an on Windows running mumble client. I compared this solution with other voip-like solutions for ham radio remote operations and murmur/mumble on Windows combo beat the others out at about 300ms (internet latency was about 45 ms between the two servers, no VPN but port forwarding).


Now, I understand that Windows has a high latency audio chain to begin with. Do you think my latency will get lower, if I most murmur on a different OS, maybe a RasPI? And what about running mumble on the other side also on a different platform?  Should I expect latency improvements?




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Hosting the server on another operating system will probably not make much difference, but it's definitely another story with the client.


More specifically, we support JACK on UNIX, allowing to achieve extremely low audio latency.


Regarding Windows: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/issues/3503



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